Computational Dynamics, Inc.

                                            Multibody System Software Development and Consulting

Development of specialized software and Modules

CDI has the experience for developing special purpose computer programs and modules for industry and federal agencies. These specialized codes can be stand-alone codes developed for a specific application or can be modules that can be integrated with other commercial software including the software licensed by CDI.


CDI can provide help for recruiting and training engineers for major industries.  CDI can be the primary employer of the recruited engineers, make the legal arrangements, and provide the necessary training in the area of MBS and rail simulations.  During this period of employment, the recruited engineers will work on projects for the sponsoring companies.  Companies interested in such arrangements can contact CDI using the E-mail  address


CDI provides consulting services for industries and government laboratories.  CDI engineers are well trained to perform simulations that can be used in the analysis, performance evaluation and design of systems that include machine, automotive, rail, aerospace and robotics systems.  Consulting services that help the industry better interpret and make better use of the results of MBS computer programs can also be provided. 

Accident Investigation

CDI engineers have experience with performing simulations of models that include significant details as described under the tab Projects. This experience allows CDI engineers to develop accurate models for accident scenarios in different areas including machines, automotive, aerospace, and railroad vehicles.  CDI engineers who are working on the development of the state of the art computer codes will use these codes in accident investigations by working closely with legal firms.  Legal firms and individuals can contact CDI using the E-mail address

Multibody System (MBS) Software Marketing and Licensing

CDI develops the state of the MBS software that can be used for building physics and engineering system models with significant details.  The computer programs developed by CDI can be used in the analysis of systems that consist of interconnected rigid and deformable bodies.  CDI codes are capable of solving both small and large deformation problems using integrated finite element and multibody system algorithms.  The users of CDI codes do not need to have other commercial finite element codes to perform flexible MBS simulations.


Education and training

CDI offers three different short courses in the areas of ;MBS and railroad vehicle dynamics.  Each course consists of five lectures, each of which has a duration of one and a half hours.  In addition to the five lectures, each course has a tutorial which explains the use of the simulation codes in the area of the course.  These short courses can also be offered exclusively to a company according to special arrangements.  More information about these courses in provided under the tab Education.